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Check list for flying with a Jetsurf DFI

Hey guys,
Just bought this and need to travel from Europe to the Caribbean. What do I have to worry about in terms of regulations:

  • battery removal and bring in carryon?
  • fuel tank removal and bring in checked luggage?
  • clean smelling engine compartment - it has only been started once to test it, but that means I need to get rid of the fuel smell?

All and any tips highly appreciated - I don’t want to get stuck halfway!

Take a look of my tips

This is great, thanks! Unfortunately I do need to fly through Dusselfdorf - so it’s the fuel tank that they’re picky about or the battery?

Another pro suggested taking the battery out and bringing it in carry-on with the documentation. But it’s only a 100Wh battery, which is in the limits right?

I wish I could help more… I did not fly through Dusselfdorf so not sure what they are picky about. Try to ask more questions on motosurf world cup face book pages

What did they give hassles about in Frankfurt?

I dont remember, it was 2 years ago, someone mentioned that it was not allowed back then but maybe rules have changed. i know hundreds of people fly with jetsurf every month for MSWC races and most never have any issues… but who knows.

If you worry too much just ship it all DHL or TNT… it’s more expensive but you wont have to worry about it

I’ll take my chances if everyone else is not having problems. You don’t take out the battery hey?

Very helpful videos by the way!

Thank you for saying that.

As for battery I dont take it out , I think more chance it gets blocked by TSA if you put in carry-on as it looks like a bomb with all the wires. In the checked bagage it should be allowed as it complies with the air rules… But take all the papers of the board.

P.S. i am just sharing my opinion, by no means i am an expert on this and I never flew through Germany

I once flew with 2 ICU (batteries) and put them into the checked baggage… I was very nervious, they really look like 2 bombs, so i included big letters and put docs papers for them near the box… It went fine, no issues at all.