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Check out our new models LAMPUGA Boost, Air and Rescue

We had our Launch at the boot in Düsseldorf and are very happy to introduce the new LAMPUGA Boost, which can glide over the water at a speed of up to 58 kilometres per hour, the inflatable LAMPUGA Air and the LAMPUGA Rescue, a board specially designed for coastal rescue services.

Apart from a modern design, the Lampuga Team has particularly worked on technical features in recent months, as an changeable battery, convincng with a battery life up to 45 minutes.

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Hello @Lampuga,

There was a question on FB regarding the Boost article at:

40 kg of which the batteries are 20 kg ??? it seems to me that a windsurf board of similar size could weight 8 kg and then 12 kg for the motor seems to be too much

For me the answer is kind of obvious, but would prefer the feedback from the experts :wink:

Thanks for your help!

Well, the boards do not just contain a motor and a battery. We use high quality materials and the weight may change anyway. We are working on various devices to transport the boards comfortably, so that the weight plays little role later :wink: