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Chinese electric surfboard for 1800 Euro


Chinese jet surfboard. I bought it from Alibaba for 5000 USD before one month. I’ve been using it for two days. I’m going to sell it because it is too heavy and his quality did not meet my expectations . Water penetrates around the battery , аfter 20 minutes of surfing, the collected water should be drained. New user must add or change the seal in order to improve board waterproof.

Price is 1800 Euro. A second battery is included in the price.

Technical characteristics according to
the manufacturer:

Size 1680 * 580 * 128 mm
Maximum load - 110 kg

Maximum speed - 50 km / h

Engine power - 10 kW

Material -Polymer

The battery lasts 30 to 60 minutes depending on the load and conditions

Charging time - 1.5-4 hours

Weight on board without battery - 25 kg

Battery weight -17kg!

Never buy a surfboard from alibaba! DeepTime , Setro, Vanace …



There is no way this goes 50 and weights 25kg. Totally fake stats, beware.



You get what you pay for. Don’t waste your money for cheap boards from China. For 1,800 EUR it might be worth for a DIY guy, but in general I would avoid these cheap boards.



yes, you are quite right



fingers crossed i hope you get a refund…