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Choosing your ideal jet board - TIPs from Mike

When I started choosing my jetboard over two years ago there was almost no info to help me out. Now it’s probably too much info and it’s really hard to pick the board. What’s even more messy is that most boards you will find are probably “ideas” or “prototypes” not a commercial product that you can order and receive next month.

Here are my personal tips on picking the right jet board. This is just my opinion. Of course I strongly suggest everyone get Wayne’s Jetboard limited “try all boards” package to be able to try all boards yourself before you buy! These tips do not include the propulsion systems or e-foils as they are different category.

Beginner Boards
Best fit:
:star:️People with no prior watersports experience
:star:️Overweight or out of shape person (over 85kg)
:star:️Kids under 12 and whole family

:star:️Such board must be big and wide with a good flotation. The beginner has no balance and no riding skills. If the board is not big enough, the beginner will be flipping over and get frustrated
:star:️Long riding time. Probably 1 hour or more. The whole family will try to get on board
:star:️Safety. The board must be soft, no sharp edges and have good flotation so it can be used as a rescue device.
:star:️Limited speed. (Not more than 30km/h) It must be fast enough to lift an overweight person but slow enough so your 6 year old daughter does not get 60km / h speed because she is too lightweight.
:star:️Weight. The board will be very big and heavy. There is no way around it. Get a trolley and carry it with your buddies.

Best choice: Lampuga air. A big, soft board, very powerful and has a lot of handles.
Also good choice: Easysurf (Chinese board), Onean Carver - easy to stand up.

Intermediate Boards
Best fit:
:star:️People with basic balancing skills and beginner watersports experience
:star:️People who want little more speed without extra risk
:star:️Overweight or out of shape former sportsmen.

:star:️Such boards must have enough power and speed to move 85kg person with at least 30-35km/hour
:star:️Smaller shape so the person can enjoy faster rides
:star:️Big enough so it has just enough flotation for gliding
:star:️40kg or less weight as it will be used most likely by 1 rider, not a family and nobody will help to carry it. Again the trolley is needed.

Best choice: Radinn GX2, Waterwolf, Curf

Warning: I do not recommend using these boards in the real waves. Due to their size and weight they can be a danger to yourself and people around you. Moreover they are very fragile. If you get in a strong wipeout, your board may not survive it. I tested a Carver in real waves and it was fun, but I would not do it on a regular basis, it is too risky. Best use: Lakes and Rivers, Flat Ocean.

Advanced Boards
Best fit:
:star:️ Adrenaline junkie
:star:️ Watersports advanced users and experts
:star:️ People with a solid watersports experience
:star:️ People planning to use the board in the real waves or fast races
:star:️ People in good fitness shape (under 85kg)

:star:️The board must be 21kg or less. The heavy board is unusable in the waves or fast races
:star:️The board must be easy to transport on the airplane as the experts tend to travel a lot.
:star:️Running time does not matter much but should be over 25-30 min. Most likely you will be tired faster than the board runs out of gas or battery and get back to the shore to refill and rest.

Best choice: Jetsurf Race, Mako Slingshot

Board comparison

We have prepared for you the full comparison of all boards here


Transport in an airplane is probably not possible?
Akku is a truly dangerous load.
Is there a legal way of transporting an airplane on an airplane?

Mako and Jetsurf can be transported on the airplane fine, their battery is very small.
Electric boards - only if you ship the battery separately by the cargo plane (DHL etc)

Nice write up, Mike.

And a good motivation for me to get under 85 kg :wink:


Jetsurf Race and Mako Slingshot are both patrol powered. Less problems with airlines.

For electric surfboards, this is still challenging …


2 years late it’s nice to see how the market progresses and how the views change…

It’s no secret that e-foils are now taking over the world while regular jet boards don’t get much traction because of their high price, limited battery time and their heavy weight.

As for me I still love Jetsurf (petrol) and efoils (Fliteboard, Liftfoils) among top picks.

What is also notable is that most projects never go on sale or stay in unclear stage for years (Lampuga, etakuma etc) or just remain forever in “prototype” stage.

Make sure you find out that the company selling boards can actually DELIVER and NEVER get into any “preorders” or “crowdfundings” - you will never see your board

Well said, @Jetsurfingnation