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Creating a fast DIY e-surfboard

Hi there.
Im looking to create a quite fast (50+km/h) board for a person with a weight of around 70-80km.
I have no real thoughts regarding price since it still will be way cheaper than buying a new one.
Weight is not really a concern aswell.

Im wondering if there are any good jet thrusters that are good to use with a high kW motor (at least 22kW)? Also if you have any recommendations for motors?


MHZ for both but not cheap. Nothing that can produce that kind of power and speed will be cheap. Some promising 3D printed jets on EBay etc but no support and unknown component quality so it may break first time out or you may get a well designed jet pump made with quality materials.
But with unbranded untested stuff you pay your money and take your chances so do a lot of research or buy the insurance …good luck