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CURF - the most powerful Electro Jetsurfboard ever existing

CURF e-JETBOARD made in Germany
Water sport addicts can look forward to the most powerful Electro Jetsurfboard ever existing – 16 kW Power will push the CURF with 90 kg up to a speed of 61 km/h – from 0 auf 50 km/h in only 4,2 secs.!
With this, the CURF is setting new standards in the premium water sports class.
Also brand new and not existing so far: Thanks to Plug & Play interchangeable batteries you can change the battery even in the water and continue immediately.

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When will the Cutf become available?

Just tried the CURF surfboard configurator:


Where did you find the configurator? I cannot find it on their web site.

At that price level it seems to me a billionaire yacht water toy only.

Antony - you have choosed the ferrari with all extras and even special paint :slight_smile: You can buy a CURF for 15.995 €.

It is available! :grinning::sunglasses:

Hi Mcap, With this configuration it is. But the “normal” CURF (same Power!) starts at 15.950€.

Here is the link:


That’s a completely different price and much more affordable. Anyone knows how long is the small battery lasting? I see there are 2 battery slots. Is the small battery only using one slot and the big battery 2? If so can I just buy an extra small battery at a later time to increase duration?

You need both slots. But she size of the small and big batteries are equal. So you can buy the big one later if you want to. With the small batteries the CURF runs approximately 20 minutes - depending of weight and max speed, driving style and ocean swell.