Decathlon eFoil from Takuma . Good or bad?

Update: Decathlon published my review after all, it just took them about four weeks.
I have now ridden the board for a few hundred km and I have zero issues with it. It just works.
I (100kg) get ~45min riding time at 22km/h and ~1h at 18km/h. My minimum foiling speed is ~17km/h, I assume lighter riders could go even slower and longer. The battery charges in a little over 4h. Maximum Speed is just shy of 25km/h. Although i have no comparison, I think it is an excellent beginner board, it is very easy to start flying.
Really the only downside is that it is big and heavy. At 40kg it is too heavy and awkward to carry for more than a few meters. With the battery removed it is okay to carry to the beach.
It is exactly too long to fit into a van sideways and too wide to fit comfortably on the passenger side of a regular car, but that is the price of being able to stand up before being on the foil.
So if you plan to drive to your local beach by car and then assemble it there for each and every ride, this will probably annoy you quickly. But if you plan to spend a few days in a row by the water at a campground or beach hut with a power outlet, i can fully recommend it.

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My review on the German Decathlon website was rejected right away. Seems Decathlon did not like some basic info to be shared with their customers. For example that it is based on the first Generation eFoil from Takuma.

Would you care to post your review here, so people can judge decathlon’s rejection in context?

As for it being last year’s model, I don’t see how that is a problem per se. The new carver model addresses a different market but uses the same parts (propulsion, foils, controller) except for the board itself. The main change in terms of electronics from last year seems to be the remote, and decathlon ships the current one.

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Hi Everybody,

I just ordered the Takuma Carver at Decathlon, it is supposed to arrive at the end of next week.

As far as I understood the actual available model at Decathlon is the Takuma Cruise Gen 2, it seems to have a modified remote controller and other fixed 1st Gen bugs…

I was able to test the new FliteBoard V2 for half an hour 2 weeks ago near Berlin, which is of course much smaller then the Takuma, but I am not willing to spend 13k € on a Hobby that can be used only in a very short time period over the year when I am at my boat, so I was amazed about the Takuma, which is only half the price.
I will try it out, luckily Decathlon offers a 90 days refund, so I can minimate the risk of buying crap… :wink:

It’s not crap but far cry from fliteboard or lift. Most of my friends with takuma are upgrading now to flite… Please share your experience with us!

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I got my Takuma e-foil last Friday, and I was really looking forward to test it on the water near Berlin where we have our motorboat located.

Due to the engine power of 3kW, the board is subject to labelling when operating in Germany as a small vehicle, and a CE certificate of conformity is required for approval by the Water and Shipping Authority.
Unfortunately, this was not enclosed with the board, and had to be requested by me directly from the French manufacturer due to a lack of 3x requested recall at Decathlon.

The waterproof remote control is charged by induction by means of a charging cradle. Unfortunately, the remote control only charges if you press it into the shell with force and somehow hold it in it, probably the charging coil is not quite optimally placed.

The board is extremely heavy and in the assembled state alone hard to handle, but the driving performance is surprisingly good, and thanks to the large volume I was able to start without getting wet from our inflatable bathing platform on the boat in the harbor.

Thanks to the large foil you can also get out of the water very quickly, which makes the beginnings in the air easier, when displaced it is totally stable and thus allows an extremely fast learning effect.
The two foils are made of carbon, but the fuselage and the mast are made of aluminum, and here comes the totally annoying part:

When I put the board back on the bathing platform after the 1st battery charge with a wide grin on my face about the first flight jumps and obligatory departures, I had to realize that the mast at the connection to the board has bent, the board is now about 3-4 degrees crooked. :frowning:

I weight 87kg, started from the harbor, and was only in deep water, a ground contact definitely did not take place.

Unfortunately, you will not find any permissible weight information on the Decathlon homepage,
apparently, the Chinese producer has slipped with the material, the mast has of course to carry a decent load at this point.

All the more annoying me that in addition the 4 supplied M6 screws, which connect the mast to the board, and thus have to carry the entire load, were much too short: these had fully tightened just 2mm in the threaded nut from the double US-Box, although this has 8mm thread. The screws were therefore replaced by me before the first start of the journey against longer stainless steel screws.

I then drove a total of 3 battery charges, this morning the flight worked perfectly on the 3rd charge.
The board has unfortunately gone back to Decathlon, I would have liked to keep it, but 5900, - € are definitely much too expensive for me in view of the lousy quality…

Thanks so much for the report! I’ve been eyeing one of these, but the mast bending without impact is so disappointing.

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I was also surprised by the short screws, but they are sufficient. Any longer and you risk pressing them into the board underneath.

I am 105kg and rode the board for 100s of km without issues. Mine looked quite different from yours though, different ESC, only one handle on each side.

Thanks for the info - I wonder why your mast was ok and the other one bent?

I am glad you got your money back. If you look at the different Facebook groups it could have hit you worse …

Wow, could you tell me some of the Facebook groups, so I can check them out? Thanks!

Since my board looks different, maybe they have a new manufacturing location or switched suppliers?
Olli also wrote about jumps. I don’t think the board is intended for that. The mast is not very stiff. If you flip the board upside down on the beach, you can easily make the mast wobble sideways several cm with little force.

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There multiple groups on Facebook such like the generic eFoil group at FACEBOOK/GROUPS/EFOIL

You can also search for XXX owners, where XXX is the name of the manufacturer.

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The Board I got was V2. I read about the Problems with V1 also, but Takuma talked about modifications in V2 due to quality issues with V1, so I think the board I got was different from the ones that are shown on the pictures…

I didnt jump with the board, but I am new to foilsurfing, and so in the beginning I fell a few times off the board, and when I realized I will fall I jumped off the board sideways to avoid accidentally contact with the foil, thats all…

And the Screws I bought were exactly fitting in the US-Box-Nuts without pressing or pinching the board itself, I dont want to imagine the risk of injury when the original too short screws collapse during flight…

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Oh man, that’s so disappointing to see that it’s a V2 board. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Decathlon just removed the Takuma eFoil from its german website…

You can still see the landing page, but the product link is no longer valid…

Good to see that they take the quality issues serious :smiley:

Guys the etakuma board is great for beginners, as it is big. I started with it ! But it will get boring after a few rides and you soon want to get a, or as it is much more sporty, less heavy and much easier to handle… You don´t think to much about those things when your a beginner…Another point is the warranty, all board have their issues, but it`s improtant how they handle the warranty… Takuma definately did not handle this well in the past… Then they launched again with Decathlon and thought they will do better… but finally the product did not improove much, thats why decathlon is now “evaluating” the situation and stopped selling…

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I had 3 boards efoil Takuma /2× cruiser and 1x carver 2/. All of them have been damaged controler ESC.
I do not recommend

The board looks still too big for me, but at least a great trailer:

I don’t know if riding at night in freezing water is considered efoling fun… In my opinion each season is great for its sports… The winter is great for ski, period.
I tried to ski in August in Hintertux Austria (yes sometimes you can do it) but it’s as terrible as efoiling in the icy water when you ski on the melting ice glacier :slight_smile: