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Detachable Surf eFin: have you ever seen this?

Hello, People of the Waves! I wanted to show you something I came across earlier:
it’s a detachable surfing eFin.
From what I understood it’s not as much of a a Flite-type of device, but more of an assistance device (like one on those motors people put on their bikes)

My initial thoughts were that it’d be cool for those who want to keep surfing as raw as possible, with all its paddling, but still need some help: like noobs (aka me), or surfers with disabilities. etc
What do you guys think?

looks interesting but hard to believe that it can give any good power with so small battery , where is the battery even? i will ask developers to test it and report later

than you for sharing

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It looks like it’s just a “theory” idea for kickstarter so it may take years before it gets real or never comes to market.

The problem with this device and similar (like Wavejet) is that it’s considered cheating by pro surfers and you will not be welcomed in the lineup with this thing and be a laughing stock of the locals.

So you will have to be either surfing completely alone or just find empty breaks.

With REAL jetboards like jetsurf etc I never stay with local surfers because I dont need a wave and just go around. But with BOOST thing you still need a real wave.

I can still see it as a device for newbies or surf schools if it is priced at 189 usd it can find the market but not as crazy price of 4000 that Wavejet had!

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Hi Mike!

Totally get your point about pro surfers! But what about those guys that are injured? or let’s say just older folks that don’t surf professionally but still wanna catch good waves? Would pros still throw hate looks at those if they used the eFin?
I found out they have a kickstarter campaign in a few weeks already…

Gonna check out the Wavejet, haven’t seen it in action before.


Thanks Anna.

Yes good point about old people so it might help them. But also they would prefer a real jetboard like jetsurf because you dont need to paddle at all

here is wavejet review i did

Also check jetson which is same thing but the motor is inside

I also contacted the BOOST guys and offered to test and review the fin. lets see if they send it to me. I would be glad to share honest experience.

Oh that’s awesome!
I’m gonna check out your vids on Wavejet. haha that’s cool that you’ve already contacted them!

How long have you been doing this review thing? Sounds like a fun activity.

For 3 years! Yes I love testing different boards!

By the way Anna from type of your posting I assume you are working for Boost? So i would be very interested to test it as well like i mentioned before. I wonder if you have tested it in the water?

on your facebook i only saw the video of the factory and paining, do you have any videos of actual use in the waves or it’s just a “theory” still?

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Y’all are not familiar with American surfers attitude to power anything in the lineup. If you brought that thing out into the lineup at Linda mar in. Pacifica ca or the Jetty in el Granada or steamer lane in Santa Cruz you would get your ass kicked and your board handed to you. In a lot of pieces. That’s if you haven’t been bashed by several rigid boards
“ accidentally” while out there
If you can’t surf and mess. Up a locals takeoff you will be in trouble.
You might want to actually take that thing to a busy line. Up and see what kind of reaction you get.
Wayne is right this assist setup only works where no one is surfing breaks . Even on lakes where people are. Surfing behind boats you will piss off the surf boat guys cause they won’t know what you are up to and willl stop when you head towards them.
No power or lots of power is what people want.

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I agree with this. When going on jetsurf or efoil we don’t need to be in the lineup or bother other surfers we just make our “own waves”, the whole ocean is the playground. But with “assisted surf” we still would have to be in the lineup.

However there are many places that have surf school and a lot of “one time” surfers who come for a week to try what it is and don’t really care about sport so for them getting some easy assistant fin or something to have fun and stand up faster would be pretty good.

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But all in all Anna, in the end of the day the time will tell. Some people will love it, others will hate it. It’s like with electric bikes, electric scooters and e-skateboards… There will be always old school purists that say anything “powered” is no “pure enough” and others who like me that enjoy anything “boosted” because we are just too lazy or old or out of shape to paddle hard

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Yes! Helping good friends of mine:)

hey! But it’s not as powerful (hence, not as expensive) as those electric surfboards, that are meant to be surfed alone) - these are more for an on and off use: it’s there in case you need it, but for most of the time you’d still paddle and surf as usual. :slight_smile:

That’s a great point actually. I’m guessing rental places like ladybird lake here in Austin where there are no gas boats allowed and hundreds of Paddleboarders on the water every day might want a power assist option to encourage more people to try it and if they can be delivered fir under $200 that’s the market for something like this.
Looking forward to seeing them out there and gett8ng a review from jetsurf nation :call_me_hand:t3:

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Boost Surfing Fin: Electric Motorized Fin for any Surfboard reached its funding goal

Congrats, so it’s happening!

Some surfers are just like a Kelly Slater always on top of their game. For the rest 99% of us, surfing can be an endless struggle and non stop paddling… To solve this, Dmitri Kozhevnikov and his team from Huntington beach are developing a next generation propulsion system called Boost fin.

I bought one of these still waiting to receive my product. Covid really slowed things down. Also they still don’t have a finished product