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Difference between Lift 170 and 250

I demo’d the 5’Lift Sport and 170 wing this past October while on a kitesurfing trip to Hatteras. I got it after 20 minutes and once foiling found it to be a little jittery (due to my ability). I also spent a lot of the summer learning to wakefoil on a rather small wing. Pretty unstable but doable. What would the effect be if I got a 5’ Lift with a bigger foil like 200 or 250 Surf or high aspect? Is it that slower speeds would be needed to foil and more left/right stability?

I think the high aspect wings would be even more difficult to ride. The 200 and 250 Classic however make it slower and more stable. That’s said, once you have managed the 170 wing why would you go back?

I guess one thing that the Lift rep who let me try the 5’ 170 said that still echoes in my mind is that he liked the 5’ with the 200 wing. He felt like it was a more stable “cruising” experience. He owns the 5’ 170 and the 5’6" 200. He likes the 200 on the 5’. But when we were riding that day he was ripping the 5’ 170 foil. So I guess it’s, “How fast do you want to go”? How much carving do you want to do? vs straight-line sightseeing… I read somewhere of a rider on a 5’ who used the 250 surf foil with folding prop and poached every wake on his lake and it was his favorite setup…