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DIY components from MHZ

Check our article about the DIY parts from MHZ:

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MHZ has done a great job providing jet surf supplies to builders and we hope to complement their product line with our systems. Also, I am interested to test out their aluminum impeller with our jet system just to see what type of thrust we get with our VeFoil DIY E-Surf components.

I like the idea of a DIY kit (board, components & remote control). Does anyone have experience with the kit from MHZ?

Any pictures / videos of final products?

I guess the battery will be another challenging part. Are there suppliers for waterproof batteries as well?


I have not used their parts myself but I know from friends that there quality of jets, impellers, couplers, ESC’s, etc… are excellent!

and what is your opinion about such an impeller

It’s Archymed’s screw. It is only suitable as a water pump, water turbine etc.

It’s totally unsuitable for e-surf, so there’s no point in dealing with it.

WNT agrees. But since I am building a drive based on a water pump, why should it be bad?DyszaSaszy2

Thank you very much.

next step

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Cool, is that lightsaber handle? jokiing, looks great though.
What diameter impeller are you planning to use Amberjet?

Thank you very much VeFoil.
I test 68mm and 95mm :slight_smile:

Nice, are you direct drive with inrunner?
We did 110mm and 80mm and tested various pitches, but they were a little to large for the torque/thrust we needed with direct drive, we are now testing 58, 60 and 64mm. Talk soon.

I think that the 95mm diameter can be successful with a 3: 1 planetary gearbox.
Diameter 68mm will succeed without gears. Talk soon

Agreed, keep up the good work!

Is this just me or do the boards from MHZ really look so ugly?

Another step … Uf, it’s hard.

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WNT agrees. All the screws you replaced are similar. My screw is very different from them. In my opinion, Archimedes’ screw is optimal in my project. Tests will show who is right.

Lampuga, LiftFoil, and others have forced water cooling. I eliminated forced cooling. Time will tell who is right.

LiftFoil, Virus and others have a planetary gear. I eliminated the planetary gear. Time will tell who is right.

Virus uses a planetary gear

Vefoil too.

And this is a modified Archimedes screw.

MHZ uses a powerful motor (22kW). Large diameter = high torque and does not have to have a planetary gear.
LiftFoil, Fliteboard and others use planetary gearboxes

I’m sorry WNT but I and continuing for several days will be tests.
For testing, a screw from a 3D printer is excellent.

WNT why should I trust you as soon as you criticize and do not offer anything in return. Show us what you can do master. Suggest a water jet propeller project without a planetary gear. If you have been doing so for so many years, propose a drive that is better than mine. Better than Virus. Better than LiftFoil. Better than FliteBoard.
Show us the best drive. Show me how it’s done.

Are these screws according to your WNT design ???