DIY e-Foil builds

I found this one interesting:

There is actually a full series of videos in Max’s YouTube channel at:

How to Make a Foam and Glassfibre Surfboard (Electric Hydrofoil Project)

A quick update about my progress. (Remote and Electronics)

Making a Waterproof Electrical Box for a Motorized Surfboard (Electric Hydrofoil Project)

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I was browsing the forum and saw this post. I don’t believe Max actually finished this build. He commented on Virus’s channel that he needed to finish his board . He seemed to be pretty far along in the build to quit dies anyone know if he finished it? Or what the reason was to not finish?
As a DIY builder myself I would live to see a successful build. But we mostly don’t share the fails and many times they are just as useful as the successful projects. If anyone knows what happened with this project I’d love an update. Thanks Frank

DIY session today in front of the shop

Hi Andreas,
I have been planning on converting a wingfoil board + foil (the foil is on the beginner level so the wings are big enough) into electric, any advice? How did you do it?


We have tow articles on the blog which might help you:

Part 1 (Basics):

Part 2 (More Details):