DIY Electric Surfboard Drivetrain

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I’ve bought into the fact that I am going to be building my own electric surfboard rather that buying one at the highly marked up prices that others have asked for it. I have extensive experience with electrical engineering, CAD, fabrication, etc. The only question I really still need to answer is the drive-train for the whole platform and wanted to see if I could get some input for where to start. Once I have determined this I will be chronicling the entire build here and on Youtube, much like Pacificmeister and Max Maker. The goal for the build will be a 25mph (40kph) cruising speed (with a 200 lb/90 kg rider), decent maneuverability from the board, and a 40 minute runtime with a removable battery. In essence, a diy clone of the Onean Carver X with slightly more maneuverability.

As far as a jet design I have seen two basic systems that would seem most plausible at this point. The first is the dual jet design of the Onean Carver X, which seems to use an open jet system much like Pacificmeister’s with decent thrust and could be achieved by what seems like twin Scorpion HK-5035. The other seems to be based more on a hamilton jet drive much like a jetski, but would require a much bigger motor much like the HK-7455.

So the question is, which seems to be a better system to base the board on? Or could I do something of a hybrid with dual hamilton jet drives? My guess would be no to that question because it might mess with the fluid dynamics having two systems trying to draw up like that. Cost will be a factor in the build so any alternative motors would be greatly appreciated as well, as that could greatly help determine what the best build would be.

Once this has all been hashed out I will start the project and hopefully have some good CAD models and videos for you all to sink your teeth into.


I’m in a similar place. I’m looking to find suitable jet drive components. There’s a guy on youtube seems like he may be selling drives “youngsters jets” but he only has email no website… I assume there are other options I haven’t found yet…

Maybe this one?

Hi guys I’m a diy builder currently building a double drive using Youngster jet boats 53 mm pumps.
They work fine side by side check out marks channel on YouTube he has successfully built his double pumper and managed to get 27 mph 43.5 Kmh on a speed run.
Use in runners everything needs water cooling so they work best. 56 mm can diameter minimum SSS motors are great. Big big esc I’m running 240 amp on 8 s and 10s if you can afford it 320 amp cap packed fliers good to 12 s get them they will keep cool even in a 6s set up. If you don’t like Youngster jet pumps buy MHZ pumps they are well built and have spare parts available. Avoid the Chinese knockoffs they are not much cheaper and there are no spare parts I had two of them I broke a prop shaft, peeled the impeller blades off ( cheap alloy) and wore out thrust washers and bearings . 8 mm gold bullet connectors and 8guage wire. Pelican boxes fir drive unit and second one for battery use 3M 5200 moisture cure urethane adhesive caulk to seal your drive into the hole you made in your pelican box 7 day cure keep it moist don’t rush it. You will,be glad you did
Lots more but that’s enough for one post
Cheers Frankie

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I’m in final building stages and testing. I went with MHZ 64mm booster. I’ve been following youngsters but he seems a bit overwhelmed and I don’t want to wait for drives/parts… I feel the MHZ drive could be improved but its too early for me to say. Latest improvements were mounting my Maytech receiver into the front of the board out of the water because I was loosing connection soon as it was under water. Also I added additional buoyancy to enable laying on the board and paddling…

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Mhz 64 have enough power to reach 50kmh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
which motor and esc you use?

Yes can do that with the right motor and ESC. I’m using a budget setup and will probably swap motor and ESC over the winter. ZTW beast pro 300a esc and 10,000w motor combo. The quality is not great I’ve had to take ESC apart and fix connections. In order to test different RPM’s and use any KV I’ve geared my drive. 620kv with 1 to 1.5-1.4 gear ratio. If all goes well I’ll be testing full power this weekend. Ultimately my final board will not have gears.

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