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E-Foil Comparison Chart

I would appreciate, if the comparison chart would be extended with more data like foil size, Battery-Power, …Thanks

(by the way lift foils are e.g. missing)

Hello @pingo,

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Liftfoils is with 2 boards in the table: eFoil E1 and eFoil E1 Sport. That’s said I will add the company name Liftfoils to the rows. Thanks for making us better.

  2. We used to have technical performance parameters in the table, but due to different efficiency levels of the boards (especially jetboards) it was kind of useless and based on user requests we changed to what really matters: speed and range (which actually depends on the battery power).

  3. Wing size: I am considering this, but the size doesn’t say too much if the shape is different.

I hope this makes sense.


CabraTec EasyGoat E-Foil is now for 4900 EUR.

Jetsurf Electric also has prices different from those listed in the Electric Surfboard Comparison report. Of course higher.

ok. I’m not sure, but I think that the battery range in minutes is not comparable because it’s more a matter of speed…I’m not sure how to compare, but it’s not sufficient to take the official information of the company. Therefore the battery capacity in comparison to the engine kwp would be also interesting.

Concerning the foils: there are easy big foils on the market and “small fast difficult to ride foils”. This would be nice to find it in the table.

Thanks, I updated the table.

The CabraTec EasyGoat E-Foil has again become more expensive. Now it is 5990 EUR without VAT.

Hi @CarverRider, Sorry for my wrong answer earlier. The price did went up about 1,000 EUR as you wrote.

In the following article is explained why: