E-foil VS E-surf riding type


Small question to the rider of both Esurf and Efoil:

I always see on video the guys in the foil stay pretty straight, not so much curve and basicallt stay in line with long turn.

In oppsition the surf seems really different, dynamic, lot of carving, small turn

it’s really abvious on video with both, in general the guy with the surf turn litterally around the foil.

I never try one or the other but I used to wakeboard and I have an electric skateboard.
What I like is the carving with angle and small turning. not really going straight.
So for me what I see the E-foil feel quite boring… it.s just an impression? It is possible to curve and carve on a E-foil?
Or it’s really limited compare to the surf?

I made a detailed comparison about feeling of jetboards and efoils, You can have fun and carve with both, it’s never boring. To be honest jetboards would get boring quicker because it has shorter learning curve but then there is no progression, there is nothing to change and try while efoils take longer to master but so much more to explore later it not boring

Also check

Thank you, I saw your video and it’s exactly the one with the most clear difference, The surfboard look like playing around the foil that stay pretty straight.
The level is probably not the same I guess but it’s quit rare to find some extreme foil video.

My other trouble will be my spot, I live 2min walk to a lake but with some weeds close to the coast. The only way to get the foil there is using the boat channel to go to the clear spot but it’s quit narrow.

It’s not a easy choice, I guess both could be perfect but they’re pricy toys.