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E-TAKUMA eFoil | New electric hydrofoil from Takuma Concept | FLY ABOVE WATER

Efoils are taking over the world and today we have Eric Zabaloueff from France to show us the new efoil from E-Takuma.

00:00 Welcome Erick from e-surfshop.com
00:30 How you got into JETBOARD sport?
01:45 I tried TAKUMA foil before
02:00 Tow foiling behind the boat vs efoiling?
02:10 How is your experience with E-TAKUMA?
02:40 ETAKUMA efoil is easy to learn?
03:40 Lets see Etakuma board? The BIG size?
04:33 New smaller TAKUMA model preview by E-Surfer.com
05:15 How heavy is the efoil board?
05:30 The new COOLING SYSTEM?
07:17 What is INSIDE THE BOARD?
08:30 How do you TRAVEL with Efoil?
09:40 Specs? Speed? Riding time? Weight?
13:40 BOOST BUTTON? More power
13:50 How long does it take to LEARN EFOIL
15:00 Propeller, Wings?
16:20 Pros and Cons of Etakuma
17:00 One of the most affordable efoils on the market
17:30 Twenty years of Takuma Concept experience with Foils
18:11 How reliable is ETAKUMA?
18:59 The FUTURE of the Sport?
19:55 Efoil REGULATIONS?
21:30 Post COVID19 Situation and shipping?

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Great interview. Hoping they come to USA, we need the competition.

Maybe I missed it in the video but I’m unclear on what it is made of? It’s it carbon fiber or aluminum?
Also this many charging cycles is the battery guaranteed/rated for?

Any insights would be helpful?

hi Robert1… I dont know more than what I asked on the video, sorry… You can ask directly to e-takuma about those questions. Cheers!