Effective mast Length Audi vs. Flite vs. Lift

The were recently some discussion about „fully usable“ or „effective“ mast lengths of the leading 3 eFoils, so I decided to go into our shop today and measure them myself. I measured the top of the mast to the center of the propeller, which I call „fully usable mast length“. Here is what I found:

  1. Lift Foils Standard 28“ mast: 61 cm / 24"

  2. Lift Foils optional 32“ mast: 71 cm / 28"

  3. Audi eFoil standard mast: 80 cm / 32"

  4. Fliteboard 75 cm standard mast: 71 cm / 28"

I hope this is useful.

To make your summary complete: :sweat_smile:
the waydoo flyer one standard mast has 65cm
and from August22 there will be a new long mast with 80cm available :wink:

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why did you measure to the center of the prop? Isn’t the truly usable mast length to the top of the prop?

Hi @sanktnelson, that’s a good point. I think it was just easier to measure this way. But you are right. In this case you would need to deduct another 2-3 cm for Lift Foils and Flite, but not for Audi as you can see on the pictures.