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eFoil / electronic surfboard for 199 USD?

I got an Facebook ad offering an eFoil for 199 USD, @Lift ??

This must be fake?

The ad is using Liftfoils photos.

Not sure what is going on, but there is another site with the same offer:

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Be careful. You cannot buy a 12,000 USD product for 200 USD.

These guys are opening shops under different name everyday in order to collect the 200 USD from as many people as possible.

Don’t waste your money!

You can report these fake Shopify offerings at

Ideally this would be done by @Lift as the content owner.

Very bad guys. They timer starts again after it went to zero.

Just got this Facebook ad.

Can’t believe nobody is stopping them …


And another one:

There must be dozens of them :slight_smile:

And another one:

The scammers are truly evil geniuses…

eFoil is a “perfect storm” product in this scheme. The product everyone wants and nobody knows how much it may cost. The product that looks legit and “low risk” for any compliance department. The truly perfect storm.

Here is how the scammers work.

  1. Each morning the scammers from Hong Kong create 10-20 new shopify stores under different names and new domains adding LiftFoils images there. It takes them less than 15 mins to create a new generic store, as shopify is really easy. Take a note nothing on the site says about the size/weight of the “product”

Pay attention that each store is disguised as a fashion brand store selling cloth. If you go on the homepage nothing tells you about surfing there and the efoil is not even listed. This is a bulletproof method to protect from shopify compliance, there is no way they shut down innocent fashion brand dropshipping store.

  1. They launch Facebook sponsored ads for each site, waiting for a fool who will pay them 200 usd for a product that is worth 12,000 without any research…

  2. Once the order is placed, they WILL REALLY SHIP YOU the product, which is a toy surfboard or magnet worth 0.95 usd. By doing so they have a proof of shipment, factura, delivery papers. There is NO WAY you can chargeback anything or claim back from paypal as the seller has all the proof. Note again that they never promised you a big board and never listed the real size, so it could be a toy.

The worst case nobody except Liftfoils can do anything about it, as our reports to facebook and shopify are useless, they will see the store as a low risk fashion brand, it;s not crypto currency or mlm… so nobody will shut them down. Nick from Liftfoils must contact the attorney and find the scammers using the HK authorities using their phone.

How to see all their stores? They are too lazy to buy new phone each time so they use same phone for all of them:
here are all their stores.

Its a scam. They are using the LiftFoils graphics to steal $200 from people. I have a Lift eFoil and the cost $12,000. They are real and totally awesome, but you can’t get one for $200. The beautiful cases they come in probably cost that much.

Here is a video i made to warn people. The scale of this scam is unbelievable :frowning: Each ad gets millions of views and thousands of comments.

It’s unbelievable to see the amount of people buying everything shiny and cheap without any thinking or any research… I wanted to write “fools” but then I remembered how 10 years ago i got into exactly same scam but with mobile phones. It was offering a new mobile phone worth 900 usd for just 65 and I paid… Oh well, I am no better, same fool i guess.

Spread the word guys!

They enjoyed profits so much now they even take over e-board industry take a look

and no it’s not 299… but for people who are far from e-board industry this sounds like a reasonable price for a toy for your grandkid.

it’s price is 6,995.00

Now they are selling Lampuga for 199 on instagram… beware…

SCAMMERS’s websites:

Address: Room 101, Building 2, No. 519 ZhenZhong village, Dangwan Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Call: +852 53159923.
Beijing Jingkaiyuanli Technology Co., Ltd. Address: Fengtai District, Beijing West Fourth Ring Road 46, Room 1906, 16th Floor. Call: +852 53159923

I found more scam sites from same developers. Watch out! sells lampuga for 99 also lampuga

last two are Liftfoils. Beware!

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Share and warn your friends! Don’t get fooled!

Here is what they actually ship as 199 usd Liftfoils (worth 12,000 in reality) - have a good laugh
I guess you get what you pay for after all…

probably costs $5 at aliexpress “nobody buys me” section

They keep adding more sites. Please if you see the new scam sites list them here. stolen from Lampuga

Here is a link to company info / directors etc and affiliated companies associated with Quandies Ltd…its all there:

I’m from Brazil
and I found another fake company website …

I went behind a printer that the value is about $ 900 and was on the site for $ 170
So before confirming payment resolve search … is another option