eFoil group ride Berlin with 2 eFoil legends

Last week we got visited by more eFoil legends such like Merten Stroetzel the founder of efoil.builders and Professor Jakob Kuttenkeuler who is the real inventor of all eFoils (first build 2008). What happens if 4 eFoils pioneers meet in Berlin? A fantastic eFoil group ride with 4 different boards: Fliteboard, Lift Foils, Audi e-tron foil and another jet powered eFoil (I am not allowed to mention the name yet). Stay tuned for the video of the group ride later today …

Looks great! Tell us more about the orange mystery board on the fotos.

Have a closer look here :wink:

Great to see all united in Berlin!.. And for shure the best way to explore berlin :sweat_smile: