EFoil & Jetboard business going down

I got lost on how many eFoil and Jetboard companies recently went bankrupt. Let me think …

  1. Onean

  2. Radinn

  3. ScubaJet

  4. Waveshark

  5. Foil Inc. / Getfoil

  6. Manta5

  7. Takuma eFoil

  8. Waterwolf

  9. CURF Loawai

  10. Mertek

  11. Jetfoiler?

I am sure I forgot some? Please let me know.

Nice video from @Jetsurfingnation on this topic, but I am not sure it covers it all. He mentions in this video that also „eFoils“ had its peak in 2021 according to Google Trends. Seems this market is limited and will not grow further, but still new manufacturers and resellers enter the market. The result we be that there is not enough business for everyone and more manufacturers and resellers will die.

My advice for all of these who still want to jump on this wave, is that the wave is already gone and you will be not able to catch it anymore. Safe your money and innovate something new.

Just my two cents

Jetfoiler - I dont think they ever made it to the market. Are they bankrupt already?

Takuma eFoil - is it confirmed bankrupcy? I see 70% sale and CEO left.

The search term „eFoils“ had its peak in 2021 according to Google Trends, that’s right but it does not mean that it cant peak again in future or that big companies will struggle. It’s just the market cleaning out itself like Andreas said. The future is still bright, it just does not have a place for weak companies

I don’t think Jetfoiler is bankrupt, however they delay their launch since years and I am not sure they will ever come out. So this would be kind of a fail.

I don’t think the eFoil market will die, but I am not sure if it will grow much in the established markets like in Europe and the US. Europe and the US seems saturated in terms of products and resellers.

How is Xfoil doing?
A plx company

We discussed Xfoil in another thread. I am very skeptical about it. A lot of fakery, bold claims and aggressive marketing with very little proof. Extremely aggressive CEO that can’t take any criticism. Usually even better companies (like Getfoil) did not end well.

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I emailed Takuma and the representative who responded indicated that Takuma had lowered their prices in an attempt to improve their cash flow and they were doing what they could with limited resources to support Takuma’s current efoil owners

Where was that thread?
I haven’t been able to get ahold of anybody there

We got one. Its VERY poorly constructed. The battery box has cracked in several locations. Customer service replied with instructions to repair it ourselves. The instructions show how to reinforce the battery box using carbon fiber, super glue, and JB weld epoxy! WTF, super glue and JB Weld! We used West Systems epoxy for boat building instead.
Following the recommended repairs, the battery box has now cracked at the controller where the mast mounts, creating a leak. Terrible design, total failure. Still working with customer service for repair or replacement.

Can you clarify which brand did you get? A lot of diffferent boards discussed in this topic. Also foto please, it will be helpful to warn others!