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eFoil Lower Leg Protection

Anyone know of or use any sort of lower leg protection when riding an eFoil? The hardest I have been hit by one of the wings (or the side of the board) is whn doing a heel-side turn and having the board tip over away from me - meaning that fall straight down in front of the wing. I’ve taken 2 pretty big shots to the calf and shin. Its making me hesitant to get aggressive which is no fun! Thinking about shin guards maybe?

I always use full body wetsuite and booties… Unfortunately getting hit by the wing is part of the fun and the harder you ride, the more often you get hit.

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I have seen beginners using knee protections. If shin guards do help you, why not.

I agree. I just know that wherever I pad up, I’ll just get hit somewhere else! All good.

Just most important to wear a helmet. yesterday my Lift smashed me in the head on a completely innocent fall… gladly i barely noticed with a helmet.

that’s a good reminder. I am decreasingly tempted not to wear a helmet