EFoil Purchase Hawaii

I will be on the Big Island for the month of Feb. and would like to purchase an efoil for my stay. There appears to be re-sellers on Oahu for Lift, however there do not seem to be re-sellers for Fliteboard. My original plan was to purchase a Fliteboard, however I would like opinions from those on this board what their thoughts are concerning servicing and proximity to parts, batteries and shipping. Fliteboard shipping is quite expensive.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, there are a few Fliteboard locations in Hawaii. Check them out here: Global Locations | Ride Anywhere, Anytime | Search Now – Fliteboard Rest of World

Fliteboard makes the best eFoils right now. If you’re paying anywhere near what Fliteboard costs, you should get a Fliteboard. Just look at the details, the design, and the tech.

As far as servicing, there is a fallacy (usually spread by Lift dealers) that you lose your Fliteboard warranty if you don’t service it annually with Fliteboard. That’s not true. I have confirmed this with Fliteboard.
EFoils are very simple and certainly do not require annual service if you follow the instructions on how to care for them. Don’t let yourself be fooled by expensive inspections for “peace of mind” — if you want to send them in annually, great; but it’s certainly not necessary.