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eFoil tutorial: How to change the board

Did you know that you can easily change between the different boards? They are all using the same battery, mast, motor, wings, remote etc.

If you want to switch from a standard board to an eFoil sport you don’t need to buy an entire new electric hydrofoil. Just change the board. It takes only 10 minutes. Look how we changed from a white standard board to a black sport board today.

Disconnect the 3 power cables and the water cooling hose:

Only 4 screws to disconnect the mast and eFoil:

Get the sport board:

Connect the 3 cables and hose. Fix the 4 screws again. That’s it:

Pair the remote control and you are ready to go. It is that easy. And of course it works the other way around :wink:

Hi. How do you buy “board only”? You website store does not offer that option hmm. If this is indeed possible, I’d be interested in the prices please. Thanks!

Hi @Dr3aMakr, please check here:

It shows all the Lift accessories.

Thank you, that’s great. Out of curiosity, why are these not available at the official Lift web store? Are you @Lift-Foils-Europe the official Lift distributor for Europe? Why are you selling through e-surfer? (Or are both the same entity?) Thanks for clarification, got a bit confused.

Hi @Dr3aMakr, we are a Lift reseller and had originally a separate shop at, but this was merged with which we run as well earlier this year. So it is the same. You can find the parts on the Lift Foils website as well:

Hi there. That black plastic stand you are using to support the nose of sport board. Appears to be ideal height etc. What is it exactly and what height/size? Perhaps just post the link of where can buy it would be great! I typically transport my board down here in Hong Kong to beach intact on roofracks of my car as its only a short drive (ie keep it fully assembled), however to achieve some greater flexibility and make use of those plastic stands etc would be cool…

Hi @Rben, No problem.

I couldn’t find an English product page, but it is US company:

Perfect, thank you very much. So its the actual 81 x 69 cm sizing that you own?

If it helps other riders, I also own one of these transporters which can be very useful at times (especially if battery has been connected already i.e. more weight!! …and then need to transport board across beach or down a boat ramp etc.) :

Yes, this is the model you saw on the pictures. The model number is STST1-70713 in Germany.

We are using the same buggy for your Magic-Surf board :wink:

Nice one !!

It appears to be impossible to order the Stanley product at moment, however found this option and it appears to be the same thing (or very similar):