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eFoil tutorial: How to pair the Lift Foils bluetooth remote control

Pair your eFoil remote control:

You normally only need to pair the Lift Foils eFoil remote control once. However, if you change the board or the batteries of the remote (needs to be changed after about 50 hours with some new AA batteries) you have to go through the following process again. It is very easy and takes less than 30 seconds.

If your board and remote is turned on (make sure sure you are not more far away than 2 metres from the board) and you see following picture on your remotes display you need to pair the bluetooth remote control with your eFoil.

The display shows “no signal”. Pair it in just less than 30 seconds with the next steps.

  1. Turn the remote off

  2. The board must be turned on

  3. Press the + and - button while you turn on the remote and you will see following picture. If not, turn the remote off again and do it again.

  1. Press the black button on your electric box (not the power button) for 4 seconds

  1. It will pair within 2 seconds and you will see the following on the display

  1. That’s it. You are set.

Very easy!

Your Lift Foils Europe team