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eFoilFly NEPTUN X Electric hydrofoil board review

eFoilFly NEPTUN X Electric hydrofoil board review :surfing_man:

Today we are meeting Paul and Alvaro from eFoilFly to check out their new efoil called eFoilFly NEPTUN X Electric hydrofoil board

00:00 eFoilFly NEPTUN X Electric hydrofoil board review
00:49 Lets cover the specs of the FoilFly NEPTUN X
03:36 Safety features and security magnet
07:00 Remote control features
09:00 Light indicators
11:00 eFoilFly Battery features
15:40 New models and new wings?
19:30 Production and team
25:20 Water tests of eFoilFly NEPTUN X
26:30 First impressions

Another great video. Well done!

Did I miss it or did they not talk about the pricing and delivery times?

It says $ 8.490 on their website, but it is unclear if it is with or without VAT.


We try to avoid talking of the price in any videos because every time they later change price and people complain that i listed “incorrect” price lol… better to check on the website.

Nice Video! How does the board compare to the other brands like lift, flight or waydoo?
It seems strange that they say you can’t build something good with 6-7k budget, but they sell it for 8,5k. Not a big difference in my opinion. And I know that there are several issues with waydoo, but I also think that there are a lot of users not having issues at all.
It seems like a good product but still needs some refinement in wings and drivability? So definitely not a beginner board. Waiting for the next gen might be a good action.

The quality looks better than waydoo but of course worse than Lift/Flite which are premium brands. Like the price suggests, it’s in the middle, similar to Takuma level.
The shape itself looks like a copy of original Lift but they made a lot of changes in all other things (connections, battery, remote, security magnet, lights etc). They need to introduce the bigger wing soon so beginners can use it too