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Efoils in waves?

Efoils are made for flat water so it’s very hard to find any filming of efoils in the waves. Please share if you find any?

I found this Lift guy

Hey mike Virus has at least 3 videos of him surfing waves on his foil they are all first person from his perspective not an on looker but still excellent wave riding on an e foil. Sorry I responded to this without looking for a link but he is easy to find on YouTube

Waves is the way. That is what is important if you consider stability and performance which translates to safety. If it’s not easy it’s not safe. This is my own take what do you think? I have tested it in double overhead waves and the leash is the only weak link. Time for a Jaws leash, this winter is going to be epic. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5TY9DiHQ7S/

Do you have youtube channel? I could not find waves in instagram. Are you making this new brand Wefoil? Is it for sale for clients? Whats the website?

Fliteboard probably felt it… they published today. Nice coincidence

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Thanks JetSurfing Nation, yeah so for over a year we have been developing some very special efoil designs. It’s been so apparent within minutes for Everyone that has tried our setup, that it is so easy and safe we have had 100% successful rides. Even for complete beginners we have been able to share foiling and the sensation of foil surfing within one session. Because we love that so much and have since our first run making hydrofoils in 2016 and daily testing and sharing this fantastic sensation along the way. Sharing it has been my personal goal from before ever seeing a Lift foil commercial and before seeing the first attempts of Kai Lenny ride one race board with a foil. I already knew after hanging with Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter some of the very first foil surfers known, the foil needed electricity to aid in creating an even easier ride, for someone new to it like me and my parents and grand parents.
Well that’s what pushed the original making of the WEFOIL! Couldn’t buy a efoil or wait to find out when I could even buy one and it was apparent everyone will be able to fly if I had one. So we have put in all of what we have and had (like time, money, more money, custom build Ducati, thought I would never sell, and other people’s time and more money) and the passion the drives this long hard road to creating the best efoil. Right now we are using my signature board, just released the new foil specific Hyper Foil from Starboard and my ‘Wave’ Starboard foil wings. www.wefoil.surf and @wefoil online to see tons of videos in action with no relaxing. We go hard. WEFOIL will be a major contender in 2020 and we hope to get you onboard and have you tell us what is good.
Abraham Shouse

One more thing this WEFOIL was designed in the waves, literally. Going bigger than last winters double overhead sessions. Keep an eye on us you won’t want to miss what’s next.

The folding prob from @Lift should be great for waves: Look: