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Electric Hydrofoil for sale

I see all this great news about electric hydrofoils. I am really interested.

But my question is:

Where can I buy one? Liftfoils claims 5-6 months lead time and all others are not even taking pre-orders?

And even they take pre-orders, is it realistic that I can get one in early summer 2018?

Thanks for your help

Hi Antony,

I think you are not the only one who has these questions. I think it is just starting and many manufacturers will face delays.

I would be happy if I would be wrong.


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None are selling yet as far as I know. Can’t wait to try one! I think the one that gets them faster will take a huge piece of the pie due to novelty effect of the e - foils.

We hope to be up riding with our newest efoil/esurf jet system in June/July is our goal with DIY Bolt-On-Plugin, and ride Kit. Delays do happen for sure the way we have designed and built, almost all parts are off the shelf parts we can order ing bulk on demand, other than the waterproof remote control, and jet motor housing. We are just refining the housing design, 3D and aluminum machining parts, and tuning props/impellers till we get it just right.

Our focus and goal from day one has been to design a high powered commercial grade propulsion system that is mainly built with off the shelf parts. And by ordering 50+ of each core part we can get slight customizations so that when all the parts arrive the ESC’s are pre-programmed, custom wiring and connectors, motors have custom shafts, high-speed anti-corrosion bearings, all stainless steel parts designed for water use etc… and we save betwen 30-90% on cost and shipping. Meaning we can turn around and provide the complete DIY kit to you for the same price as it would cost you to go out and try to buy the same parts, piece them together and try to build one and a housing.

We want to make the sport of E-surfing, and E-foiling super affordable for everyone and our crowdfunding and crowd-designed business model has been a huge success thus far.