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Electric Jetboard (blank) template?

My dad and I are about to start our 2nd electric jetboard build.

Instead of using a surfboard, and shaping this to fit all the needed parts (jets box, ESC’s, battery’s etc etc) we would like to shape our own blank and make a board out of this.

We think that it is the best to have the maximum width of the board more at the back, as this is where most weight will be located when riding the board.
Unfortunately we did not find any surfboard templates suitable for our needs.

Anyone here who might have a nice template of a jetboard, and share this with us?

Maybe check

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Could do, but as this is more a “jetboard” forum I though that I should ask it here 1st.
Also…I do not want to upset the foilers to much :slight_smile:

Also google the DIY jetsurf, i saw some youtube videos of guys 3D-printing their jetsurfs :wink:

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for example

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No… Not Simon… Some of his subscribers are giving me a hard time that I copied his idea.
Even when I proved that I had my board up and running even before he mentioned about building a board. (dates of my videos on YouTube)

Funny thing is that Simons board is almost a copy of Mark his board

I am (or is it he is) using the same jets. However he made a small mistake by placing the 2 jets to close to each other. They are (when running full speed) stealing water from each other, causing the jets to cavitate.

Moving the battery’s (and ESC’s) to the front of the board, and making the board shorter will also help with stability.

PS: I love what Simon is doing. He is a good guy :slight_smile:

Well if you are making for your own fun and not for sale, it’s probably does not matter who copied what.

Here are few more DIY that i follow:

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Thank you for the links.

The 1st one is from Mark. I know him very well. I’m using his jets, and my 1st board is based on his work.

We are at this moment in the process of shaping the EPS foam (the blank) to what we thing is a good “jetboard” design. (again… what we think)

Basically the max width of the board will be more to the back. It will be 12cm thick, and have a “V” bottom with a little bit of concave in it for speed. The length will be 170cm.
Rails will be “hard” (sharp) to make the board bite in turns (for carving).

Shape will be a cross between the Radinn freeride and carve model.

Will post some photo’s here in time.