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Electric motor fin in action (VIDEO!): Worth the buck?

Hi everybody!

Check out the video for the Boost Surfing e-fin - first tryouts.

How would you compare it against the big and powerful e-surfs? What is good about it? What’s worth thinking about more?

Appreciate ALL the feedback and objective criticism!


It’s hard to say anything from this video. I could not even understand which of the guys have the fin here on the surfing lineup, not the best drone work :slight_smile:

Did you test it with SUP on the flat water? Testing it with SUP would be a good start. Your closes competitor is Scubajet and Bixpy. They are more expensive and they give a weak propulsion of about 4-5Km/H for the SUP board.

When you have a prototypes ready, let me know, I would like to test it and share my opinion.

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Where does the power come from? Is there a battery inside the fin? I can’t tell what provides power.

looks like battery is in fin. But really hard to believe it can give “4 hour” boost with so small battery for so small price.

Looks like a cross between the Dolsey, and an older product “The Eddie” Fin. And of course, my old ElectraFin…

They all require pretty big battery box which goes on top and i doubt any of them give 4 hours of power. i had aqua marina fin with same battery box and it gave very very poor power for maybe 2 hours at best.

Hi guys! It goes for 4 hours with an “on and off” approach - if you were to use it only when you actually need it.
If you were to use it non-stop, the battery would allow for about 1h of boosting.

Thank you for reply. Did you test it in the FLAT water under the SUP board? what speed will it give?

And i just wanted to tslk about electric boards in a surf line up… its s actually not allowed anywhere in the US as far as i can tell

Every state i checked says no power craft within several hundred feet of swimmers
So you would get your ass kicked by the surfers And get a ticket plus anything with a motor has to be registered in most states so if you don’t have current tags on tge board you will be getting a ticket for not registering your board as a boat. In texas thats a $500 fine
So id market it as a SUP motor
Wave jet already tried to get surfers interested in this concept
And They lost like 350 million before they gave up.

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This is actually quite useful! Thank you

Doubletrouble, you are little bit exaggerating the problem.

Usually the motor boat law says that registry needed is only when power over 11kw, if below it’s not needed . the numbers could differ of course in different countries, but nobody is registering toys, tiny engines of power SUPs, toy RC boats etc. The boost weak engine falls under that category.
Even big Jetsurf falls in the category UNDER 11 KW.

Of course the user with the “boost” will not be welcomed in the lineup of pro surfers, but if you have a surf school where they teach casual surfers to have some fun on the small day and they all use it, it will help them a lot stand up faster.

Wavejet failed because their price tag was ridiculous 4500 for super weak propulsion and heavy board and i think they had some patent issues too so they moved to kayaks

Just saw your unboxing video

pretty cool to see power in such a small battery.

Looking forward to test it.

do you have any estimations when you can ship?

Youre welcome
Sorry to be such a downer bug better to know before you spend a lot of money marketing to tgesurfing community
Good luck with the product i hope it takes off and you can retail it for a low price like $189 that woukd be great :+1:t2:

So I’m not familiar with the boating regulations in Europe but I can tell you that in Texas ANY craft/vessel/ board dingy even a $5 inner tube that has a propulsion device besides oars or paddles or sails must be registered and display the registration stickers where they can be seen and you have to have the registration paperwork on the boat or on your person. If you don’t comply you get a $500 fine each time you are caught. And I had a Sevelor 3 person dingy ( cost about $80 with a 30 lb minn Kota electric trolling motor on it . Putting around in front of my house and when I came to the dock the game wardens from parks and wildlife were waiting there to give me my $500 ticket. I made the argument that you just made that the motor cost more than the boat and that it was silly to be expected to register a toy like that. Then I was told again ANYTHING that is on the water and has a motor MUST be registered and display tags or be fined $500 each ciolatkl