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Electric or petrol jetboard? ⚡ vs 🛢️

Today we have two jetboards :zap:JETSURF ELECTRIC vs JETSURF DFI (Petrol :oil_drum: Gasoline motorized surfboard) in a full HONEST SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON.

What we cover:
00:00 - Petrol or Electric? Most popular question when choosing a jetboard
00:19 - Compare the SIZE of the jetboards + Travel tips
00:38 - Compare the WEIGHT of electric and petrol jetboards
00:55 - Compare the RIDING TIME?
01:30 - Do you need to :zap: CHARGE them? Compare CHARGING TIME?
02:15 - Compare the MAXIMUM SPEED?
02:40 - What is a :muscle: BOOST MODE?
02:45 - Compare Maintenance and tips?
03:20 - :oil_drum: ZERO EMISSIONS? Where can you use these jetboards?
03:30 - Travel tips with Jetsurf? Can you fly with it?
03:50 - Which EASIER to learn? For beginners. Pros and Cons
04:20 - JETSURF TUBE for kids and beginners
04:40 - Inflating the Jetsurf Tube with GIGA PUMP?
05:20 - Compare ENGINES and the NOISE LEVELS? a new Silencer?
05:40 - Which board to choose? Tips, pros and cons.
06:20 - Jetsurf Race DFI, Jetsurf Adventure+, Jetsurf Sport, Jetsurf Race Titanium?
06:45 - Bonus: Epic drone footage riding a jetsurf electric in Portugal. Filmed with a new Skydio2 self following drone! Check review on our channel


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Great video! Thanks for sharing!