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Electric surfboard championships

See the following article about the first electric surfboard competition:

The rules are still basic and this year is only Jetsurf electric boards are allowed. We need a race with all brands.

How should this look like?

Different classes for

  • jet?
  • propeller?
  • E-Foil?


  • Slalom?
  • Race?
  • Freestyle?

This will be great but not sure if any other brand can participate. Most other boards are not made for racing but for a fun recreational use. I hope one day there will be an open brand all-star championship but not just in racing but also in jumps, freestyle etc.

For high power electric jetboards a “RACE” would make sense, but for others I am not sure.

I think it is more about chilling and relaxing if you go for an electric surfboard.

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