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Electric Surfboard / jetboard HELP

Hi there can I please get some help on my board (2 years later I’ve finally reached breaking point on this project)


Homemade board/shaped
100mm jet drive unit
100kv (15kw) motor with 84v battery (8400rpm no load speed)
400a speed controller.

It’s running fine all the mechanics are working/staying cool, but it just doesn’t have enough power to get on plane/surf/ride.

Do people recommend gearing to get more rpm. I’m guessing with load the rpm is dropping 1/3 (5000-5500rpm true rpm under load)
Also haven’t experienced cavitation so rpms not the issue.

All suggestions welcomed!


Hi @Ryland_Jones can you share some pictures?

I also think seeing a few pictures would help.
The 84v is not a little, but it is a bit dangerous in the water.
A15kw is also a bit much to not glide on yet.

I am also developing a board, 48v 7.5kw and gliding.