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Electric surfboards & hydrofoils at boot 2020

Hi there,

boot 2020 will be on again from January 18th to January 26th 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany.


I will be there for a couple of days from Jan 18th - 20th. Who else of you will be there?

Just prior to the boot show I will publish our hall guide PDF again, so that you you will be able to easily find all electric surfboard and hydrofoil manufacturers.

So far we got confirmation from:

  • Lift Foils eFoil from Puerto Rico in hall 5 D02

  • Fliteboard from Australia in hall 5 D42

  • Lampuga from Germany in hall 6 B61

  • Jetsurf from Czech Republic in hall 5 E02

  • Onean from Span in hall 5 B05

  • Torque from Australia in hall 8a H41

  • Awake from Sweden in hall 5 D02

  • E-takuma from France in hall 5 D03

  • Hoverstar from China in hall 4 B24

It is getting more and more every year.

Stay tuned and see you in January!


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I will definitely be there :innocent:
and the JetSurfClubGermany also :smirk:

Best Regards,


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Let’s see the blade…

looking forward to your interviews and news about the new models. i really hope something new comes out and not just same old boards 3rd year in the row

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Any more brands Coming ?

Best regards


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Here our 2020 boot guide which you can print out …

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Great service! Enjoy the show!

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Hi Abel!!! Hoverstar… Maybe Waydoo, and let see if there is any surprise​:crossed_fingers::call_me_hand:

Thaks, so usefull amigos🤙