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Electric surfboards on airplanes

I think this is a hot topic for all of us.

I am currently not aware of a solution other than travelling with just the surfboard and without the battery. You have to find either a battery at your destination or ship the battery with special cargo.

Anybody a better idea / solution?

I guess better solution is to get on a car and go for a tour :slight_smile: No issues with the planes anymore :slight_smile: Else there is no solution around it. Shipping battery by cargo is very expensive. I guess only worth it if you are relocating to live in another country. Also what elecrict boards too heavy even without the battery for the plane. Jeff even had issue with Jeftusurf they said it’s too heavy (but finally accepted it).

But seriously…

The real solution must be developed by the manufacturers. It’s pretty obvious even.

If you can fly with a small battery like jetsurf’s so why not split a big battery into say 4 units of smaller batteries and take them separately ? Same like AAA batteries, you put 6 of those and you have a stereo going - you are not putting one huge battery. Modular battries is a solution. We spoke to some manufactures, it’s not easy to do and not worth the 1 guy who wants to travel.

I think there is more than one guy who wants to travel by plane and take the E-Surfer to the vacation.

Or is it just me???

The technology is there. It just takes more engineering to break the battery down into 100wh batteries. At Scubajet, we make the sj200 battery gap into 2 pieces, so each side is 100wh. I travel all over the world on airplanes with the Scubajet and spare batteries. I realize the faster boards need much more power, but that is a step in the direction.

There is other concern also. The electric boards are sealed and the difference in air pressure on the airplane may damage the insides.

Would installing the same vents that SUP companies use help with that issue?

Ideally these batteries could be “split” into several small batteries like @skiagua mentioned, but it seems that would be 10 to 15 pieces and that is probably difficult to manage.

Another approach could be that the batteries would be “standardised” and that each manufacturer would be able to use the same battery /batteries. In this case it might be possible to rent such batteries in different locations.

But this seems to be difficult as well given the early stage of this boards.

Hmm, the is a difficult one. Anyone a better idea?

The allowed limit is 100 Wh. It would have to divide the Carver battery into 15 parts.

The better idea is to ship batteries upfront like esurf did by cargo dhl to your hotel