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Elevate inflatable now available

We have limited electric propulsion units available in July for DIY builders and inflatable efoil board with waterproof electronic box and waterproof remote as well.
So if you want to build your own and have foil or board already, then you can complete your own plug&play efoil board now. It took a bit longer but our inflatable board was optimized in size to be optimum for efoil and the new upcoming wingfoiling…
So just unplug the motor and you can use it as wing foil or wake foil…

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Do you have pictures and pricing of the different components?

Your website does not give a lot of detail.

-Complete Prop unit with mast 1790€

  • Electric components & motorcontroller for above Prop Unit +499€

  • Remote controller/receiver +249€

  • Inflatable Board (~185x80x11cm)with waterproof box (25x60x10cm) 1399€

So if you have a foil already just get batteries (12s Lipo ~360€, LiIon13s with battery management system ~980€) and you can start flying efoil!
If you have windsurf or big foil board already you just need prop unit+electric plug&lay set to start efoiling