Elevate pro efoils

Has anybody got any data or eperience with ELEVATE’s
Fibreglass & Carbon 2023 range of Efoils.


Do they still exist?

Thanks for the reply Andreas, love your work. There’s a flash website ( elevatefoils.com) & there being marketed in Australia. I wonder who is reall y making them.

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seems they use the name of Elevate in Australia… Probably because of copyright issues.
In Europe and USA they start under the name of pulseersport… It`s made in China and looks like Lift copy…

well. Waydoo is the one sued for patent infringement :thinking:

Thanks for the intell Waydoo, sounds totally feasible when you compare the website’s.

Now, now children lets play nice. what can you contribute to the subject.

Thanks for the link. I was referring to elevate.rocks from Germany who stopped their business.