ESURF review and feedback

Hi Everyone

Its Wayne from Jet Board Limited. I have to tell you that I am one of the lucky few to have ridden this awesome and incredible board. Im even more fortunate to be part of the amazing ESURF team. I think most that know me already can vouch for this but Im totally and sometimes brutally honest and unbiased. I have an open mind and positive outlook. Respect both old and new brands and I like to try help the smaller one man band as well as the larger manufacturers.

This board is like none other I have ever seen or ridden. I have owned and ridden every jetboard thats available on the market so I do believe that Im qualified to make such a bold statement. I can an will mention some of the points that have made and will continue to make this one of the most exciting and best boards around. Trust me guys. Keep an eye on this one. Its not very often that I would personally vouch for and highly recommend a jetboard but on this one Im all in and no holding back.

Im a huge fan and lover of all things jetboard and I keep a close eye on everything but let me tell you there is nothing quite like the ESURF jetboard on the market and I do not believe there will be for quite a while. The ESURF jetboard has completely raised the bar and it taking the world of jet boarding to a new level. Its only just started and the progress, development and pushing of boundaries and technology has just begun.

This was not made by some new startup company but instead was created by a man who knows the industry and all boards inside out. Many years of ridding, networking, researching and experimenting went into the planning and production of the ESURF board. A huge investment of both time and finances has gone into this. This was and is an extremely well thought out, planned and executed project.

The team are hand picked from the best in the world and unlike most manufacturers who are all using the same freelance specialists and consultants the ESURF team are all permanent staff that work solely and exclusively on the ESURF jetboard and projects. You can only create such a board with a team of the best that have worked permanently, relentlessly and thoroughly with such enthusiasm, passion and drive. This is for sure the most dedicated and determined team that I have met or worked with to date.

A huge thing to take into account is that every single part of this board is manufactured purely for this board and this purpose. In order to take things up a notch and create a board as unique as this you have to start from scratch and build everything you need. Most manufacturers avoid this and use standard parts off of the shelf to build boards and this is the barrier that restricts the progress. Everything off of the shelf has been used and done before. If all manufacturers keep using the same parts then they will obviously keep getting the same results.

I was always a fan of the board in all honest because I have seen whats gone into it butler me tell you something. Nothing can prepare you for the instant power and speed that the ESURF gives you. Its actually quite scary to begin with and for the first time in my life I rode an electric jetboard that had more speed and power than I could have asked for. It had a longer battery and ride time than I could have wished for. The board is smaller than any other, its lightweight and so easy to carry. The ESURF is a beautiful piece of machinery and technology. I do believe that this is jetboard history in the making and I’m extremely happy and proud to be part of it.

Keep an eye on the ESURF. In all honesty its going to be hard to miss. We will release technical specs and prices sometime in the near future but right now we are still enjoying and trying different combinations and specifications so please be patient. When we do release the final specifications all of you will know.

So keep riding, following and supporting. Hopefully meet you in the water sometime.



Wow. This sounds almost too good to be true. Looking forward to more videos and the final specs / prices.


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Hi Avata

I completely agree with you and if I weren’t involved and hadn’t ridden and tested the board myself personally then I wouldn’t believe it myself.

The board hasn’t just come out of nowhere but has been in the making and had top engineers working on it for a long time already. I would say this has been the best kept secret in the industry.

The ESURF is going to be well worth the wait. Right now the team are purely focussed on testing and pushing the limits even more to achieve absolute perfection. Right now pricing and selling are not a priority but you guys are our priority which is why we will take our time and release a board that exceeds everyones expectations.

Hang in there and we will share the specs and prices as soon as we have finalised them.


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Today 10/10/18 esurf has broke the world record of the fastest jetboard for the 90kg rider at 64.0 km/h today verified by 3 gps trackers. weight of the board is 24.9kg. video and interviews coming soon… stay tuned for more news from Wayne!

Nice new ESURF review from Mike and Wayne:

this was a really not a small evolution but a BIG LEAP forward that we all need in terms of power, speed, weight and most important battery safety… we cant wait for this to hit the market next year. It should really help other developers to lift up the game and move the industry forward like tesla did with electric cars!

What’s the improvement in terms of battery safety?

it’s better to ask the developers directly, im no expert when it comes to this…

From what i understood each cell is fused so even if one cell gets broken it wont start a chain reaction like a nuclear bomb, that is what happens with other batteries. Basically the good battery should be safe even if salty water gets inside, it should disable itself and not get on fire.

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After 2 years of silence Esurf seems came back from dead and updated their website, while still offering a ESURF board for 19,900 €

Lets see! I would love to hear any feedback of the new buyers in future.

I dont know what they are selling, the old team left in 2019 so it’s completely different company. I hope to visit them some day in Monaco but it’s tough with covid restrictions.

Me too, if there is anyone who tried it or lives close by please give a feedback. Specs seem to be too good to be true. But prize is also beyond

It’s been a long time and I am not sure where Esurf is heading. They changed the owners and now are based in Monaco.

But great to see Kai Lenny finally showing some interest in jetboards :slight_smile:
Very cool to have more attention from the public!

I had the chance to try it myself last month:

Thank you for the update. It’s nice to see they are still in business!

It was a great board for 2018… The world moved on however to efoiling so not very interesting anymore to be honest especially at 20-25k price point. Maybe yacht owners will have some fun with it!