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EU rules for jetboards

The part of the interview regarding regulations sounds very interesting. Due to the face that the current situation is opaque, homogeneous regulations for the whole EU would be desirable.
In the interview Mr. Dean Jarret talked about a regulation for the whole EU or parts of it, which has been decided. Does someone know more about it, I could not find anything more about it?

Thank you in advance

There is a German article about the regulations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland which you can run through Google Translator:

I am still collecting feedback for a global article in English, so any insights here by country from anybody would be very much appreciated.


CANADA has banned motorized surfboards as well.

What do you mean banned? There is jetsurf canada - they seem doing just fine.

Well, I guess they are just ignoring it.

In Portugal the use of efoils and jetboards is regulated by the local maritime police departments. Some of them don’t allow especially in a very public Algarve beaches with too many swimmers, others allow the use of those watercrafts if you have a proper maritime insurance.