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Evolve Carbon GT skateboard

If I have no time to go to the water I am riding my electric skateboard Evolve Carbon GT.

I prefer to be on the water, but it is also a lot of fun. Even for my dog :wink:

I have both the Bamboo and the Carbon. Check out the differences:

I am sure you will like it as well …

Your pics are too good, is that HyperOutdoor skateboard or your home made one, but it looks like more likely the HyperOutdoor board and I must say that you enjoyed alot while doing this photos and do you have the video of the same moments, could you please share if you have any, also the skateboard clear picture as I have doubt its HyperOutdoor board

I am not sure what you mean by HyperOutdoor skateboard? These are Evolve skateboards as described in the article.