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Experience with under water plants while launching and riding?

In our harbor we have some areas of under water plants.

How long is the acceleration distance until the hydrofoil is up?
Are the E-engines powerful enough to accelerate with foil touching from time to time a plant?
Or can I slowly power through the plants and then accelerate?
(I know that bad falls can happen due to plants)


I suggest you look for a different spot.

This is not so easy at the river Rhine, because you need access by car.
Therefore I’m still interested in experience reports. Thanks

Plants are a problem for beginners and the propeller… but once foiling the foil is only 20-30cm deep.
we need about 10m at full power until foiling and beginnerss probably 20m :wink:

Dont go in any spot with the plants. It will make you uncontrollably fall and it’s dangerous.

I would add, jetsurf that has much stronger engine than efoil can stop completely even if a small plastic bag gets into prop. Plans is a no-no

Well we run through a field of water lilies so far… Not by purpuse but recogniced it to late. It`s not that it takes you of the board instantly but you can feel the wing hiting them. However if you have a ducted prop you just add power and a much go through it… It works. But seaweed is a much bigger problem, because it goes around your prop shaft and will increase power seariously and if it is a lot of seaweed it will slow you down…
So this needs seroius prop shaft cleaning once you return to the beach:wink: