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Facebook SCAM ads on jetboards

They keep on coming… new one selling Awake ravik as a paddleboard for 27 usd… What kind of idiot would think that paddleboard itself costs 27 usd not even talking about electric jetboards. So sick of all this.

What they will really send you - a toy worth 50 cents

More… this one from Kymera.

I dont know if Kymera still in business but they need to rethink their pricing. If people think their board is worth 34 usd it’s a red flag

Anyone needs a jetski for 39 usd? Too expensive but looks interesting…

I am looking for a used one, ready to pay $5 if you offer me a free shipping for 59 bucks lol

Another scam

I wonder if kymera knows it and if they are still in business? I asked them for a comment…

I guess it is great advertising for them. Many people will search on Google for the brand.

The scammers never mention kymera so no chance for advertising.

p.s. kymera responded they are aware of it and yes they are still in business. FB enjoys the ad revenues and ignores the reports as always.

FB is a scam.