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First ESURF video and specs

Looks quite impressive:

60 km/h and less than 24 kg?

See more specs at:

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Another 20,000 USD board?

How heavy was the rider in this video?

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That’s fast and impressive for sure, but that really looked a lot like a GoPro on the back of a high-end RC boat. See the way jest stream was and banking in corners looked like rudder control, just didn’t look surfboard-ish to me, but lots of board coming to market 2018-2019 are going to be insane years for E-surfing.

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The sound of the propulsion sounds real and I think the waves would be too small for a real boat.

The question is how heavy the rider was or if there was even a rider on the board?

That’s a real board


Here is another video:

Hi Charly

The riders we use range from 85 to 90 kgs. The board and battery are about 25kgs.


Hi VeFoil

Trust me its a real board. If you go have a look at my personal Wayne Brooks or my company Jet Board Limited facebook pages you will see more videos with me riding the boards and a great one of a race against the 2 stroke jetsurf.


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Hi everyone.

I haven’t quite figured out how to post the videos on here but if you go check out my Jet Board Limited facebook page or even my Wayne Brooks personal page you will find some cool videos showing me riding the ESURF and Im 90kgs. You will also see us tasing the ESURF against the JetSurf. Hope you enjoy them. Link is below.


I think only YouTube videos can be integrated into the post. Facebook videos, would just be a link to the Facebook page.

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Hi Antony

Thanks for the help. I might know my way around the jetboards but Im like a caveman on the computer :slight_smile: