Flite AIR - Cheap eFoil by Fliteboard

Fliteboard just announced the Flite AIR:

Starting from 6,700 EUR is almost half the price to other Fliteboards. However, I think the Nano battery makes no sense with this board and the charger seems very small (under 6 hours for a sport battery)


How does Fliteboard continue to innovate at this level?!! It’s incredible.
In the past ~3 months, we’ve had the Marc Newson products, Flite LAB, and now this. WOW!
What has Lift done? :sweat_smile:

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I just tried to order one. But with the Sport battery (bigger is not possible) and fast charger the total order would have been 9700€. That’s a joke. Sounds cheap at first but turns out it’s crap. Not sure if this will work in the market…

Does anyone know when this new fliteboard is available at the dealers, so I could to a testride?

According to Fliteboard “starting from April”, so I guess April/May.

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Happy Easter to all eFoilers!