Fliteboard 2.0 vs 2.2

Hello all,

Looking for some opinions regarding the two different Fliteboard series boards, older 2.0 and the newest 2.2. I am new to this sport. I don’t live on the water but have access within about a 20-35 min drive depending where I chose to go. We have a 24 ft boat we keep at the lake 35 min away. I have already received the highly respected opinion of Andreas, but just thought I’d survey the forum before picking up the board I’ve already chosen tomorrow as I don’t think it is too late to change my mind. Deal I have been offered is, 20% off the 2.0 board, or full price of the 2.2 board. Savings is around $3,400.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you in advanced for your input!

Go with Andreas advice you won’t regret it. the board is the same, the differences are in the controller and new battery etc. We had a full video recently about all the changes but 2.0 is just as good.

Thank you! I did see your video which was great and much appreciated.

Tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a new white Fliteboard 2.0!

Very excited to have the opportunity to join the Fliteboard family!

Cheers from USA

I’ve got a like new 2.2 for sale that I’ll give you 20% off on. Where are you located?