Fliteboard 2.2 Review and Updates

FLITEBOARD Series 2.2 Review | New efoil | Ultimate ride, refined.

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Nice job! Great video as always!

I have a question, do you think that the pro version will be suitable for heavy ride? I am 194 cm 110 kg. I would like to have high performance board and also I don’t think the bigger one can fit in my car which is a big issue.
Will it be possible to taka my 3 year old for a slow ride (without flying ) with the pro version?

What are the major differences between the pro and the regular board?

If you are sporty and in a good shape then 110 kg would not be a problem. If you are out of shape, I would not recommend pro board. I also strongly advise against riding with 3 year old until you have sufficient efoil skills to avoid hitting him with sharp foil wings. The first few weeks will be very rough learning for your weight on a pro board so it’s a bad idea taking a kid when you are not sure how to ride properly. Once you feel good at it, it will be much easier

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Yes of course, riding with the kid will happen eventually after I become quite experience, maybe not even the first year. I have seen in some videos that the people are doing such things and wondered is it possible with the Pro board, it will be nice to have it as an option. I have not practiced watersports but I have practiced extreme sports my whole live. Skate, ski, snowboard, snowscoot, MTB DH, ATV riding, jetski riding, not sure which will be helpful. Efoiling doesn’t look very difficult compared to some of these, but I am not sure, is it?

You’ll be fine, don’t overthink it. Pro is a great all around board.

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