Fliteboard 2024 Models

Does anyone here have any knowledge on 2024 Fliteboard releases. I would like to purchase soon but will wait if there is a worthwhile upgrade being release early 2024.


Hi @Greg_Fairweather ,

I doubt there will be any additional models in 2024. The Marc Newton model should be the last new model for a while.

If you are looking for a great deal in 2023 check out https://e-surfer.com/en/brands/fliteboard/ and we will find something appealing for you.


Thank you for the response. With the resell value of these boards I suppose that an upgrade can be done quickly anyway.



  • folding prop that works with all series (see it now on the AUS site)
  • narrower variant of the Ultra (Ultra in its existing size will continue)

That’s it. There will not be a Series 4 (in 2024).

@Andreas Do you sell used / damaged (from the school?) Fliteboards too?
I’m after another board only to fit my DIY’ed Gong mast and Tritonfoils monowing!
Preferably a 3rd generation 67 (Pro) or 54 (Ultra) version, however a Classic will do too (so my dad/mum can have a go at it too :slight_smile: )

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Sorry, nothing used or broken at the moment.

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Please let me know if you do have one available :call_me_hand: