Fliteboard designed by Marc Newson

Have you seen the new e-foil from Flite?

The board designed by Marc Newson I like visually very well. I am curious when the first reviews (@Jetsurfingnation :grinning: ) and videos will come.

What is your first impression of the board? Did you also understand that the wings have been redesigned? At least they have different names.

And the mast is 82 cm (!) and Flite brings a folding prop like we know from Lift - and of course the coloured controller (we now from Audi). Not to mention the option to switch from propeller to jet propulsion. It looks to me that Flite shows in this new edition many highlights packed in one board. I think that is a new dimension. Of course it is not the cheapest e-foil…

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Yes, it’s a game changer, especially the Wave version. This is the board Lift wished they had conceived and made. (I’ll stop the comparisons with that, as it’s not even fair anymore…)

From what I hear, the folding prop and color Controller (which is much smaller and lighter than the ridiculously oversized Lift version) will be available a la carte next year and will work with Series 3 (at least) eFoils.

The monobloc carbon, which if you read carefully, is a very high end carbon — not all “carbon” is the same — will be exclusive to the Marc Newson line.

Wings are unique to the MN line as they mate to the carbon eFoil; but they have similar names and objectives as the regular wings.

Price is high, but it’s only about $2000 more than a similarly configured Ultra, so it’s actually very reasonable.

Pedro has seen it, here are his impressions (in the end of the video interview)

The dimensions of the MN60 are bigger than the dimensions of the Ultra.

MN60: 137.16 x 63.50

Ultra: 127.00 x 58.42

What do you think why Flite decided to create the MN60 longer and wider than the Ultra?

I asked Flite directly and that it is the answer which I want to share:

great question - we refined this limited series to be the most ideal for wave riding. The extra length over Fliteboard ULTRA allows for easier touch downs when riding waves and gives you more room to shift your weight around when powering off, while still being lighter than any other eFoil out there. We found this was the ‘goldilocks’ size for wave riding. Not too small, not too big - it’s just right;)

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Yup. But there’s rumoured to be an even smaller than Ultra board coming in 2024!

That’s good news. More possibilities are even and always better!

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