Fliteboard Folding Prop

For a long time Fliteboard users were looking for a Flite folding prop. Now this was announced today by Fliteboard:

We ordered a few sets and are looking forward to a delivery the next days.

I believe foldy is the best choice for wave riding!

Aside from a Marc Newson MB60 Wave, that is!

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They work really well, David did a great job :wink:

Is it possible to use the folding prop with Marc Newson 60 resp. 86?
Does it really make such a different in the waves compared to a true glide prop? I mean the prop is very small and has not so much surface. Is the effect so big because you have less water resistance when the foldy is active?

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Good news - it is possible to use the folding pro with MN boards.
To my other question I saw a video of @Jetsurfingnation. A folding prop is obvious the best choice in waves - how much the difference between true glide and foldy is - I don’t know. Maybe I will know it in a few months.