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Fliteboard or Lift?

I’m debating between the Fliteboard Pro and Lift 5’0 board. I’ve ridden the Lift and like it but also heard very good things about the Fliteboard. Unfortunately my local Fliteboard reseller does not have demos, only $300 lessons that don’t count towards purchase. I’m not sure I want to pay that to demo the Fliteboard, so I figured I would ask if anyone has ridden both and what you think.

I did ride both and they are both good boards. I decided for Lift as it is easier to maintain (less screws), has more wing options to fine-tune, less sharp wings and I think a full carbon board is more reliable than a mixture of 2 materials (aluminium and carbon fibre).

I tried both and both amazing. Each dealer will push their brand and bash other brand so this discussion like we saw on facebook will go nowhere. The bottom line - get the one that you can get faster in your location. There is no point for long waiting. The summer is almost over soon! Ride it!

Hi Josha, where are you located? We are the Flite dealer in Germany and we always credit lessons towards a purchase of a Fliteboard, and I think most dealers do it this way.
When it comes to ease of maintenance I would not take the number of screws as an indication for this, but rather the question if any part which could possibly fail can be repaired or replaced. With Fliteboard that is the case, I don’t know Lift that well so I won’t comment on that.

Thanks. I’m in Los Angeles, USA and going to Europe isn’t an option right now even if I wanted to ( :man_facepalming:). Our local Lift dealer’s really great, and I like the throttle rather than fixed speed, so I’m leaning towards it. Just wanted to see if anyone had experience with both and specific things they liked/didn’t about each. As far as I can tell, the Fliteboard has a better mast setup and the extra battery safety. The Lift is full carbon construction, it’s easier to change the throttle, and there’s a folding prop option.

Just get both of them, one for you and one for your girlfriend and ride together, switching and comparing or give lessons. There is no way anyone can suggest anything because both boards are just great. Like comparing BMW to Audi :wink: Cheers :slight_smile:

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Just for your info, the Fliteboard Flite Controller also has a trigger type throttle. The virtual gears are just an option which has proven very helpful especially for beginners. But you can just select a high speed setting and use the throttle for stepless control.

Ah, thanks! Good to know!

All other things being equal, Lift gets the edge thanks to their huge selection of wings and boards. Flite only offers 2 wings, Lift already has 8.

Lift’s 4’4" board is also ideal for surf riding or any advanced riding in general. The folding propeller gives Lift another edge in surf riding since the prop is a huge source of drag when you’re just trying to glide without power.

I’m not aware of any additional battery safety that Fliteboard has but I have seen their employees constantly spreading misinformation about Lift. That alone should tell you a lot about the type of company they are. The fact that they won’t let you demo the board before buying is another red flag in my opinion.

To be fair, unless you have a rental or efoil school, you dont need 8 wings… Most people ride usually the smallest pro wing and smallest board available. Fliteboard motor is more balanced, as it is smaller and in the line of the wings while other efoils have motor above basically creating more drag and dis-balance and less effective height of the mast. Basically fliteboard was designed to be efoil from the start, while other companies attach a motor to existing foils (above). Flite also does not use any water cooling. However to be fair , all of these things are more of marketing angle and for pro rider does not make much of a difference, so pick the board that is easier for you to get FASTER!

here is a video i made a while ago but posted today on selecting efoil (without particular brand, though i have flite myself)

I agree most of those things are just marketing gimmicks but the wings and boards certainly make a difference. Flite must think so too since they’re finally launching a third wing now (called ‘XL’ I think). I don’t see why they wouldn’t make a smaller board to match the Lift 4’4", especially since there’s almost nothing important inside their board. A folding propeller would probably help Flite too.

Looks like Mark Zuckerberg went for a Lift :wink:

haha… it’s when you want to look human but still fail. Come on Mark! Lift is for efoiling!!! lift it up!!!

There is so much wrong with this foto that it quickly became a meme…

He put so much sunscreen but failed to put any real protection like a helmet or a lifevest. it’s highly recommended when learning efoil. He also never tried to lift up in any of the fotos, what a shame using a efoil as a jetboard on the surface.

Hey there. How same/different are ride/charge times between Lift and Flite? To me, this is a huge deal - when I commit my day to efoiling, I want to spend it on the water flying, not on the beach waiting. Now, different sources seem to have wildly different data to the above. Some say both Lift and Flite are comparable, others claim Flite dies off after 40-60 minutes, while Lift keeps going to 90 minutes. Same for charging times, some sources say they’re about the same, some say Lift charges up in 2hrs, while Flite takes up to 3hrs. I understand this all differs based on circumstances, yesss, but I’m really hoping for some comparison. (Nudge to E-surfer here, is your e-foil comparison article based on experience and hence data is reliable and truly comparable?) Thanks everyone!

Flite offers 1 and a half hour ride on a explored battery
the sports smaller battery 40-60 mins yes

Charging yes 2-3 hours is enough

Thanks mate, so it seems that matches Lift ride/charge times…

Man, this is so difficult to compare it is almost ridiculous. Riders weight, experience, driving style, foil used have such a big impact…
Your key underlying question is - do I get enough riding time for that type of money. My answer to that is: yes absolutely!
Can’t speak to the Fliteboard but here are my observations on Lift:

  1. My max so far 1h40 uninterrupted riding time (that is going slow and steady, just above min speed for flying on the 250 surf, with folding prop. I suspect the 250HA will increase that further
  2. When foiling normally, I get between 60-90mins, the less you fall the longer you can ride (starting&takeoff are a big drain on the battery)
  3. when you try to set personal speed records for a full session the battery will struggle to give you 60mins (I am 78kg, it’s worse if you are a heavier rider)
  4. battery charging time was never above 2hrs
  5. if you charge hard and commit, one session is all it takes. I am at 200+ sessions this year but only had the energy to do one today. That is my energy, not the battery…
    I was going upwind fast, caught up with a large sail boat, then did downwind in 4bft and tried to learn to pump this beast on the small wind bumps, then later tried to pump without waves at all and finished the session with slow to medium speed tight carves until the battery was down to 10%. Now my legs are fried… but will repeat tomorrow…
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Awesome answer, thanks a lot mate, appreciated! I knew it’s near-to-ridiculous to compare, but it’s quite a key parameter in my own buying decision (and I’d be surprised if I was alone in that) and I couldn’t believe that there would be up to 50% ride time difference btw the two as some sources say. Any way, clap clap and thanks.

Guys another near-to-ridiculous (heh) question pls. I have two little boys and e-foiling will clearly become a center activity for our family expeditions. Which board do you think is safer to have round kids? On one hand people freak out about sharp mast & wings on Flite (really? both look quite similar) concluding that Lift is safer & more comfortable to handle… On the other hand, people appreciate the Dead Man Switch and Board Arming sequence on Flite as extra safety features when you ride (yea I will ride with my boys as soon as I’m comfortable myself). Do understand, I wouldn’t be so anal about safety comparisons (yawn yawn) had it not been for my boys. Anyone wants to chip in? Thanks lots.