Fliteboard Series 3 - question according to Ultra

Hi have tried to find out what ist the difference between Ultra (Not Ultra L) Series 2.2 and Series 3. Is there a difference in the material?

Thank you for your help.


There is no Series “2.2”, just Series 2.
I don’t believe there is any difference in material between Ultra Series 2 and 3. Series 3 has a dual concave hull shape - Series 2 might as well, not sure. Ask Fliteboard.

2.2 had improved trigger, titanium battery, etc., but board was the same

3 had dual drive, but also new board with silicon handles. See picture:

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Do you know the weight of the Ultra and Ultra L, just the boards?

It is one kg lighter due to:

  • Elimination of foot straps and handles
  • Handmade carbon fiber battery and mast box

What about the dual concave hull design? Wasn’t that new for Series 3, as it was on the Pro (non Classic)?

Thank you Andreas for the replies!