Fliteboard stops suddenly

Was out foiling today and lost power for what seemed like no reason. Went straight out the front. The first couple of times I thought I may have lost trigger pressure;but the 3rd time I don’t see anyway I was doing anything but holding total pressure

Any suggestions…

reach support and replace antenna

Yes, this would be a question for the support. Could be the hand controller, antenna or Flitebox. Can you test it with a second hand controller?

Is see this issue frequently (1 in 6 rides). In my case, I lose the bluetooth radio communition briefly. It’s been happening for over a year. No solutions yet from support.

Thank you. And your frequency is about in line with mine. It hasn’t been a big deal yet but it is a little bit unsettling

I have sent in several things to Fliteboard about software updates and pictures of the motor etc. but haven’t gotten a response for a fix yet

I would like to get it resolved

Nothing back from Fliteboard yet;,but I moved the magnetic key to the side of the battery and have not had another issue. (I have my key tied to the battery)
Don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I will take it for now

Don’t hold the controller next to your chest. Hold it out away from your torso. You’re losing Bluetooth connection

You don’t need your key on the battery. It’s built into the lid of the board.